Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sumptuous bed ready for bouncing on!

Our lovely bed is built! It's a full-size double bed with a proper deep sprung mattress for two. Imagine snuggling up on the comfy bed with cosy duvet, pretty squashy cushions and your favourite book.. or just gazing out of the window and admiring the view.. 

Pics to follow soon!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cushions and Curtains..

Now comes the fun part - decorating the hut.
Pretty pale vintage Laura Ashley and Sanderson fabrics, ready to make curtains and lots of squashy cushions for cosying up with a book on the bed.. mm

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The long way home

Hut lunch stop

Hut pit stop

and finally home!

A nerve-wracking drive from Cornwall to Hampshire

Finally we really do have our hut and there's something to write home about..
We had a good feeling about this one so we hired a trailer and drove all the 

way to Hampshire just keeping our fingers crossed that it wasn't too good to 
be true. 
And it wasn't. Here she is, being loaded onto the trailer. 
She really is beautiful in an understated kind of way. 
Converted by a lovely bloke called Dan last year, she has the original 
shepherd's hut chassis and wheels complete with draw bar, with a modern, 
fully insulated hut on top and a lovely weathered corrugated finish to 
protect her. 

Now we just had to get her home..