Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weathering the storms

Our first winter in charge of the Shepherd's Hut has been a wild one, but being on a hill we've escaped the flooding that has caused all sorts of trouble in this part of Cornwall.  The hut has battled the weather fiercely, with not a single leak appearing.  Starting to wonder whether we should have clad our own house in corrugated tin!

Whilst the hut hibernates (we close her down from bonfire night to valentines day to give the ground a rest), we've been working on some little extras - thanks to inspired feedback by some of our 2013 guests - to make our guests even more at home in the hut.  If you've stayed with us before then next time you come look out for what's new!

Also new is Rabbit the puppy - who fortunately so resembles the previous resident dog here (Bee) that we needn't change our Hideaway Huts logo (see our website and you'll understand)! Here she is:

Today we noticed the first snowdrop shoots poking through so it looks like spring will be with us in plenty of time for our first guests of the year who are booked in for a Valentine's day retreat.  We still have availability for other dates in Feb so get in touch if you need to escape to the country for a few days to snuggle up next to the log burner with a book and a cuppa.